Water Lance Blower

The Mehldau & Steinfath MS - WB2000 compact water lance blower was developed specially for cleaning pipe walls in the area of the combustion chamber of boiler plants. It is characterised by a robust design and maintenance-friendly technology. The WLB2000MS compact water lance blower consists mainly of the following primary components:

  • solid mounting frame of U sections;
  • 2 linear units of aluminium with enclosed drive screws;
  • 2 servomotors with integrated resolvers; each servomotor has a rating of 0.63 KW, offering adequate motor reserves for use under difficult conditions in highly dust laden atmospheres, with the added benefit of low maintenance; for protection against exposure to high temperatures, the servomotors are arranged at a maximum distance from the hot blast pipe penetration;
  • 1 threaded stainless steel blast pipe;
  • 1 threaded special stainless steel nozzle;
  • 1 de-swirl device;
  • moving components of stainless steel with forced cooling;
  • limit switches.

Harting connectors are used for all electrical components.

Water Lance Blower

The MS – WB2000 compact water lance blower was designed so that all components can be replaced quickly, easily and without special tools. The cleaning principle of the compact water lance blower is based on the following process:
Water discharging from the special nozzle under high pressure impinges on the dirt, e.g. on the opposite wall, whereby the water penetrates the uppermost layer of the dirt. Due to the high wall temperature, the water absorbed into the dirt abruptly evaporates and dislodges the dirt from the wall. Long-term tests confirm that the pipe walls are not exposed to excessive thermal loads.

The de-swirl device in conjunction with the special nozzle ensures that the jet of water reliably passes through the fire and impinges precisely on the surface to be cleaned. There is also no excessive deflection of the water jet in coal-fired boilers with a high ash percentage and high flue gas velocities.
The cleaning process with the MS – WB2000 compact water lance blower always takes place during boiler operation. The MS – WB2000 compact water lance blower has been used successfully for years worldwide, e.g.

  • coal-fired steam boilers with a capacity of 900 MW
  • biomass-fired steam boilers

and is popular with our customers due to its robust design, reliability and ease of use.
The compact water lance blower is controlled by means of servocontrollers and a PLC. This allows all required blowing patterns to be programmed, displayed and changed as required via a control panel.
In this way, all areas that do not require cleaning, e.g. burners, hatches, flue gas recirculation shafts and linings can be avoided.
The control can be connected to higher-level systems via PROFIBUS or ETHERNET.